Kaptivate Me Koolies

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Member of The German Coolie World Registry 

and The Koolie Club Australia.

For all your active family, sporting/agility, 

working needs.

My dogs are extremely social and get on 

well with kids, cats and a variety of farm 


KAPTIVATE ME Copper is available for stud.

Meet the latest 

addition Kaptivate Me 

Veracini. Born 

09/03/17. Vera is my 

future breeding bitch. 

She is clear of all 

genetic faults. 

Planning a litter to be 

due in May 2020.

Vera's future mate 

Killarah Corelli. 

Corey is genetically clear 

for all genetic diseases and 

he does not carry the dilute 

gene. Born 


A ball throw a day keeps the koolie away